Trijntje Kootstra Consultancy supports a number of small scale projects in the Netherlands and developing countries. No glossy brochures or stylish websites, but carefully appropriated money, directly allocated at its point of use:

The ‘Child in Ouaga Foundation’ (‘Stichting Kind in Ouaga’) supports an orphanage in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Thanks to ‘Child in Ouaga’ children can go to school to learn a profession and have enough food. The children live together in one house until they reach the age of 18. After this age, the children can still call on the house ‘parents’ for support.
Anja Koster founded the foundation after a visit to Ouagadougou, where she met the children and the initiator of the orphanage. Until then, funding came primarily from running a tourist hostel, which caused great instability and dependence on the tourist season. Thanks to ‘Foundation Child in Ouaga’ the orphanage now has more stable funding.
Bank account: 619.866.012, account name: ‘Stichting Kind Ouaga’.

‘Fanga Musow’ is a shelter in Utrecht for women and children in the Netherlands that do not have a residence authorisation because they are not acknowledged as refugees or lack sufficient support for other reasons. Many of these women and children are victims of violence and exploitation. Fanga Musow, which means ‘strong women’, offers a safe haven, financial support, legal support, education and psychological and medical services. The women are supported in their attempts to find a solution to their problems, a better outlook, personal strength and enhanced autonomy.
Bank account: 102.002, account name: ‘Ana Maria Fonds’.

‘200 days for Valeria ’ (‘Fonds 200 dagen voor Valeria’)
The fund for Valeria in Peru is an initiative by Jessica Davelaar and Toni Blanco Orchando, who have worked in development cooperation in Peru for many years. Valeria is a young, severely disabled girl who is dependent on special equipment and physiotherapy for a dignified life. The fund originates from an idea that came up during Lent. Jessica, Toni and their friends were to financially support Valeria and her family for a period of 200 days, so that Valeria’s younger sister could go to school too. After this one-off initiative, Jessica and Toni are now aiming to provide more sustainable support for the family and their social environment.
Bank account: 4786.744, account name: J.M.J. Davelaar.

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